Having been led by the Lord to place a much greater emphasis on prayer in my life, I decided to begin meditating weekly upon different portions of Scripture that discuss the notion of prayer. After providing a brief explanation of the text, I will close by offering my suggestion for meditating and praying that Scripture for the week.

My hope is that through this journey in the Word to be taught by the Lord how to pray, just as the disciples were also taught to pray by Him.

The links to each post are listed below, or follow this blog to have them emailed to you as I upload them.

May the Lord, therefore, teach us to pray through His Word.

Teach Us to Pray: a call for watchful & steadfast prayer | Luke 11:1

On The Lord’s Prayer

Pray Like This | Matthew 6:9a

To the Father | Matthew 6:9b

For Holiness | Matthew 6:9c

For the Kingdom of God | Matthew 6:10a

The Father’s Will | Matthew 6:10b

For Provision | Matthew 6:11

For Forgiveness | Matthew 6:12

For Deliverance | Matthew 6:13

Other Scriptures

Like Jacob | Genesis 32:9-12