The Pride of Man | Genesis 11

With around 6500 languages in the world, we are a divided people. The previous chapter of Genesis gave to us the Table of Nations, explaining from where each major people group descended. After explaining the descendants of each of Noah’s sons, we were told that they were listed by their clans, languages, lands, and nations. …

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Biblical Wisdom

Whoever Gives Thought to the Word | Proverbs 16:20

Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good, and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD. Proverbs 16:20 ESV The natural interpretation of this verse would seem to refer to our words, our speech. Giving thought to the word, therefore, would be guarding one's mouth, considering carefully beforehand what is about to be …

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Sermon Series

His Will | Matthew 6:10

your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven Matthew 6:10 ESV   Thus far in our study of the Lord’s Prayer, we have seen to whom we pray (our Father in heaven) and what it means to pray for the hallowing of His name and the coming of His kingdom. We continue …

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The Fall of Noah & the Table of Nations | Genesis 9:18-10:32

The events recorded in this passage of Scripture are some of the most perplexing in the entire Bible. For three and a half chapters, Noah has been the primary character, and through his narrative, we received the first lengthy account of a follower of God. Noah was a righteous man by the grace of God …

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Thomas Watson on the Danger of Pleasure

The following is the seventh of Watson's nine points on how not to miss God's kingdom. It comes from his treatment of the second petition of the Lord's Prayer, thy kingdom come. At nearly 100 pages, the entire chapter reads like a lengthy booklet, but I easily count it as one of the most impactful texts …

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Sermon Series

His Kingdom | Matthew 6:10

Your kingdom come  Matthew 6:10 ESV   Continuing our study of the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus now teaches us to pray for God’s kingdom to come. We pray to God as our Father in heaven, and we petition that His name would be exalted as holy. Next, we pray for His kingdom to arrive.   In many ways, …

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The Noahic Covenant | Genesis 9:1-17

Within these verses is one of the major covenants established in the Bible. God’s covenant with Noah comes on the heels of the most cataclysmic event that humanity has seen. God, wrathful at the people’s constant sins, destroyed the entire earth with the exception of only eight people. Through the floodwaters, God reverted creation back …

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