Hi, my name is Cole, and I am a pastor at Western Meadows Baptist Church in Durant, OK. My great passion is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through the study and declaration of the Bible, the infallible Word of God. My prayer is that these resources will help you understand, study, and love the Bible and the God that authored it. I have done my best to make them as accessible as possible, and I hope that they might be an aid to you, if you choose to read or use them. As a guide, let me briefly explain the types of resources listed here.

Study Guides

The study guides will correspond with each sermon of a sermon series. They are meant to be guides for study and discussion within small groups; however, families might find them helpful as well. The questions are meant for application and understanding of the text’s big ideas, so leaders should shepherd the conversations toward those goals. I will emphasize that these are simply aids for allowing a small group leader to spend less time doing in-depth study and more time shepherding people. So feel free to use them as much or as little as you see fit for your small group. Also, a link to the downloadable pdf of the study guide is available at the top of each post.


These are miscellaneous posts that might relate to a sermon series, or they might not… who knows. I aim to use this as a platform for expanding upon ideas that I may not have been able to cover in sermons for lack of time. Occasionally, I will also endeavor to provide a biblical answer for important and/or interesting questions.

As a further note, all of my sermons can be listened to here, on the church’s website. Everything here is meant for helping people understand the Bible in a deeper and clearer way. For convenience, I will keep links in the main menu for sorting through all resources by sermon series. Feel free to use anything for personal use, Bible studies, or whatever else, just please don’t change anything or pass it off as your own.

Study well.

Soli Deo Gloria