Why Are Bible Reading Plans Important?

A yearly systematic reading of Scripture is full of wisdom and benefit, so even though it is not commanded in the Bible, I thoroughly suggest resolving to do it. Thus, I will attempt to briefly outline some benefits and suggestions for Bible reading plans here.

1. Having a plan is helpful.

While there is no mandate to follow a reading plan, it can be incredibly helpful to do so. The Bible is composed of sixty-six books of various times and genres, so the simple task of choosing which book to read can be quite daunting.

Also if we do not have a set plan, we are likely to read certain books heavily while ignoring others entirely.

I mean, who would turn to Leviticus over James if given a choice?

We believe, however, that all of Scripture is God breathe and profitable (2 Tim. 3:16), even the difficult to understand parts. Therefore, for most people, it is beneficial to make a plan and stick to it throughout the year, committing ourselves to read all of Scripture.

2. Don’t give up.

If we let them, reading plans can be massively discouraging whenever we fail to complete them. Genesis and Exodus are interesting reads for beginning the year, but Leviticus is often the reading plan killer. Let me offer a few suggestions.

First, when things seem to get boring, keep going. Buy a good study Bible or find other resources to help understand difficult books like Leviticus better. Just don’t stop reading.

Second, make a set time of your day for reading and defend it. There is literally nothing more important than listening to God speak, which is what happens when we read His Word. Make your reading time a non-negotiable piece of your schedule.

Third, if you miss a day, keep going. Either catch up or be a few days off. Both options are better than stopping entirely.

3. Some suggested reading plans.

In the digital age, there is no shortage of plans from which to choose. For a massive selection, go to bible.com or download the Bible App. Personally, I have gone through both the Blended Plan and Chronological Plan.

Also, I have created my own reading plan, called , which has daily readings in both Testaments, Psalms, and Proverbs. You can download or print the pdf here: Wisdom & Worship Reading Plan.

This year I will be following along with the Bible Project as they go through their Read Scripture series. It goes through the storyline of the Bible with a daily Psalm to read, and they will create videos to watch throughout the year to help better understand the books being read.


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