You should read books.

Reading is one of the most complex activities we can set our minds to do. It engages your eyes, even as the real work happens when the imagination is sparked within the brain. Kinesthetic learners are able to highlight, underline, and scribble barely legible notes in the margins. Even the auditory ones among us have a home among books thanks to the rise of audiobooks or, you know, just reading out loud.

Indeed, I am convinced that no other medium stimulates the mind like reading a book. This, of course, still does not mean that all books are worth reading. But thankfully there are more books worth the time than we will ever be able to read in a lifetime.

Next week, I will begin a new series that will provide short, quick posts about books that are worth the time it takes to read them.

These are not necessarily book reviews.

Rather than reviewing, I aim to give a few important reasons for why you might give hours of your life to reading a particular book. After all, that’s the primary information that I scan book reviews for anyway. I’ll try to break this down into a few bullet points, such as a summary, a couple of notable quotations, who should read the book, and why they should read it.

I pray that these suggestions are beneficial and wish everyone happy reading.



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