If you thought that the radio was either dead or dying, think again.

Podcasts have arisen as the digital world’s radio analogue. The younger generation (to which I belong) seems to have rediscovered what made the radio originally so valuable: without a visual component, you can actually listen AND do other things at the same time!

Where televisions tended to glue us to our seats, podcasts deliver audible information and/or entertainment while we do simple tasks, such as driving, vacuuming, or doing dishes (which, by the way, are my favorite activities for podcast listening).

But it’s not just about convenience.

Currently, we are waist-deep in the age of information. The advent of the digital world places the collective knowledge of humanity only a search bar away. I firmly believe that with this great privilege of learning also comes a higher standard of responsibility. We are given much; therefore, much will be required of us.

But with so much available, where should we start? Once again, podcasts are a convenient means of consuming information on the go. So without further ado, here are five short podcasts worth your subscription.

  1. Ask Pastor John- This daily podcast features John Piper answering questions submitted by listeners via email. Covering a wide range of topics, Piper’s biblical responses to life’s difficult questions are the perfect place to begin podcast listening.
  2. Communion Sanctorum- Updated weekly, Lance Ralston offers a 15-20 minute glance at the history of Christianity. For lovers of history, this is a must-listen, but even if the idea of listening to history sounds boring to you, Ralston presents the information in an accessible and entertaining fashion. Definitely worth a listen.
  3. 5 Minutes in Church History- Looking at key (and often overlooked) moments in church history, this podcast is only 5 minutes long (as the name suggests). The smaller length might make this an easier first step into learning the history of those who followed Christ before us.
  4. The Briefing- Albert Mohler releases a new episode of The Briefing every morning Monday through Friday. In the span of twenty to thirty minutes, he discusses headlines and articles in circulation, thereby analyzing current events from a Christian worldview. For insights into how Christians should react to modern complexities, make this podcast a part of your daily schedule.
  5. Global News (BBC) – This BBC daily news program is well-produced and highly informative. Most episodes clock in at a little less than 30 minutes long, making it a short and convenient means of staying informed with what is happening around the globe.

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