Sept. 16, 2016

Below are a few Internet articles that I found quite beneficial to read.

What’s Wrong with Western Missionaries?

If I were to start my missionary life over, I would bury my pride and unpack some humility. I would become a brother, a friend, and a peer. I would care more about the names of my brothers and sisters on the “mission field” and less about the numbers of baptisms, people discipled, churches planted, and orphanages built.

They Unchurched the Church

A great thought on the failure of seeker-friendly churches.

It breaks my heart to consider this perspective. I think of an unbeliever going to church, a Christian church, and walking away disappointed because it lacked a seriousness, weightiness, and gospel content. It was so practical that it was irrelevant. What in the world are we doing? 

I’m kinda sick of church

Don’t be the traditional church. Don’t be the liberal church. Don’t be the political church. Don’t be the hipster church. Don’t be the young church. Don’t be the old church. Don’t be the contmeporary church. 

Just be the Church.

The Law of Christ | Charles Leiter

I’m reading through Leiter’s book right now (so hopefully a You Should Read post will follow). This three-part teaching explores some of the main ideas of his book.

God’s Will for the Average Layman

Not everyone who gets saved should feel like they need to quit their job and become a pastor in order to work in the ministry. The office of pastor and elder is not for everyone. I pray I have made it easy to see that as long as we are following God’s commands in scripture, working diligently to live righteously and holy by obedience to His law, and spreading the gospel and making disciples, then we are doing the will of God. 



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