Sept. 23, 2016

Repentance: Running to the Greatest of All Treasures

This fits pretty well with the theme of my most recent post.

The proper response to the gospel is to repent (Acts 2:38). The question is, have you repented? If you haven’t repented in such a way that you’ve turned to Jesus by faith, your so-called repentance is deficient and damning.

What Does TV Say About Sex?

This is a much needed call for us to be mindful of what media is teaching us.

In ten minutes, I heard at least three lies: 

  1. Heterosexual sex outside of marriage is commendable and good.
  2. Homosexual relationships are commendable and good.
  3. It’s fun and exciting to invite someone you don’t know to come on to you sexually.

Save Your Soul: Stop Writing

As writers, we often hand over our souls and stories for the price of approval, advances, page-views, speaking opportunities, and more book deals. But sometimes (not always) the best thing to do is to be silent. To listen. To hear.

15 Reasons Why Visitation Is Vital for Your Pastor

Here Andrew Roycroft writes a response to Thom Rainer’s post on why pastor’s should not visit much. I really appreciate the thoughts of both Roycroft and Rainer, and together the two articles provide a nice balance for pastoral and congregational visitation.

Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice

The problem with taking the steps to transition physically—cross-gender hormones and surgeries—is that physical changes are likely permanent, but the feelings driving the desire may change, especially for young people.




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