Brain Death, Encouragement, & Prayer (Nov. 25, 2016)

Here are a few articles that are worth reading from this week.

Words We Dread to Hear

After spending several weeks with my father in the Trauma ICU (and sitting in the Neuro ICU as I write this), I’ve unfortunately witnessed families receive this heart-breaking news.

Encouraging One Another

In your short life, you have a million tiny opportunities, including a hundred today, to inject a small but potent dose of life and light into another. As you consider doing this, you will immediately find a good reason presenting itself that seems to clearly mitigate your impulse to build another up. Some weakness, some corresponding fault, will arise in your mind, cancelling out your reason to encourage that person. Indeed, with some people in our lives, we honestly have difficulty finding anything encouraging to say.

Praying for Your Children

A really great guide for how to pray for your children.



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