Reflecting on 500 Blog Posts

Writers write.

Tim Challies wrote that article in 2017, and being, at that point, two years into blogging, it was just the kind of bluntness that I needed. The standard for being a writer is writing, not being read. How revolutionary! This realization shifted the emphasis away from things that I cannot control onto things I could actually do. Being a writer only requires writing something.

I’m now over 500 blog posts into writing something (this post being #501). I pray that, given all the practice, I’m also becoming a better writer, but growth is notoriously difficult to measure since it is rarely quick.

But alongside the actual act of writing are the matters of motivation and content. By the Spirit’s strength, my motive for writing is to exalt God by helping others to know and love Him through His Word, which means both the eternal and incarnate Word and the Scriptures that reveal Him to us. And I resolve to put forth content that is steeped in Scripture and aims to turn our faces toward Christ.

My little blog and the words within are almost certainly not going to radically change the world, but if grace is given to me to stir up even one more delightful meditation upon God’s Word in you, my words have found their success.

Thank you so much for reading.


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