Notebook Scribbles

I keep a file in Evernote for writing down various thoughts at whatever time they pop into my brain. Some these scribbles have made their way into sermons or articles that I have written, but most are content with simply being remnants of past ponderings.

I share here a handful of these snapshots of thought in hope that perhaps one or two will inspire further consideration within you.

  • Wisdom is knowledge in repentance. In order to have wisdom, we must first be willing to repent and acknowledge where we are wrong.
  • Busyness and idleness are sin, and therefore are counterfeits of God’s gifts of work and rest.
  • You are never satisfied with your desires. Remember that. You always want more. Nothing and no one is ever good enough. You will always need more and need better. Be content with what you have. This is both godly and logical. Rejoice in what you have and stop pining after what you do not.
  • Even as children, we naturally seek the origin of things. We long to know how something came to be. We learn to see the world as cause and effect, and since our eyes behold effects without end, we search for causes without end. Perhaps God placed this natural curiosity within us because He is the ultimate cause. He is the great origin, with no origin Himself. Maybe searching for causes is really our search for the Creator.
  • Parenting requires humility, a willingness to scavenge ideas from observing and listening to everyone around you.
  • The gathering of Christians for worship on Sunday is a picture of heaven. It images our glorious and eternal worship of God to come. We cannot, therefore, claim to desire heaven while also neglecting to meet together. To do so is a hypocritical (or at least ignorant) discrepancy. Imperfect as it is we must long to be with God’s people, worshiping the LORD together.
  • You don’t become a better preacher by reading books on preaching. You do so by spending time in the presence of God and by reading books about everything imaginable. Only reading books on preaching equips to discuss preaching methods very well. But reading everything else will equip you to actually discuss various matters in your preaching.
  • Spiritual warfare is waged through killing sin and preaching the gospel. Preach the gospel to whom? Ourselves, our fellow believers, and those who do not yet believe. Prayer fuels these tasks.

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