Friendship with Sin & Satan | William Gurnall

Thus far, Gurnall’s The Christian in Complete Armor has not disappointed, although I have been reading it slightly out order as a I preach through the same passages in Ephesians. The following quotation is the fourth warning Gurnall gives to all who would presume to go unarmed and without armor into the spiritual warfare around us. It is a warning to be well heeded.

A soul that refuses to put on Christ declares himself a rebel and makes himself the enemy of God. I think we can safely Say that whoever is God’s enemy must be Satan’s friend and how will you make someone fight against his own friend? Is Satan divided? Will the devil within fight against the devil without?

Sometimes Satan and a carnal heart appear to scuffle, but it is a farce – like the parrying of two fencers on stage. You would think at first they were in earnest, but when you see how wary they are and where they strike one another, you soon know they do not mean to kill. Any doubt is removed when you see them after the match, making merry together with the proceeds from their performance! Likewise, when you see an unrepentant heart make a great show against sin, follow him off the stage of good works where he has gained the reputation of a saint by playing the hypocrite. There you will doubtless see him and Satan together in a corner as friendly as ever.

p. 63

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