In the Way of Your Testimonies I Delight | Psalm 119:14

In the way of your testimonies I delight
as much as in all riches.

Psalm 119:14 ESV

Continuing this stanza’s theme of how we are to guard our way with God’s Word that we may not wander from His commandments, the psalmist has declared his resolution to seek the LORD, to store up His Word within his heart, and to use his own lips to speak God’s rules. Within this verse, he now turns to the duty of delight.

The meaning of this verse is quite straightforward: the psalmist enjoys the way of God’s testimonies as much as all riches. Yet again, there is rich meditation here, if only we linger long enough to behold it. Recall that while the psalmist uses multiple words for Scripture within Psalm 119, each still brings with it a particular way of viewing God’s Word. Calling the Scriptures God’s testimonies, for example, emphasize that they testify about the nature and character of God Himself, that they are how God makes Himself known to us. Furthermore, to speak of the way of His testimonies envisions the Scriptures as the path upon which we must walk in order to know God. Therefore, the psalmist delights in the way of God’s testimonies because they lead him to the LORD Himself.

He is right then to delight in the Scriptures as much as in all riches. The greed and love of money is a great idol by which many have been led astray, and its appeal lies in its ability. Riches open the doors of possibility, particularly of comfort and influence. They also offer a great degree of security and stability amid the unstable brokenness of the world. We should not wonder, therefore, why many delight in their riches.

The psalmist, however, looks further. God’s testimonies are more delightful than all riches. The sum of the world’s wealth is insufficient to halt the steady approach of death or even to buy one ounce of lasting joy. The use of riches only pertains to this life, but the LORD transcends this life, giving to His people eternal life in the knowledge of Himself. And in his presence, there is fullness of joy. For all their appeal, riches delight for moment, whereas God is the soul’s eternal delight. Go to His Word, therefore, as the way of testimonies. Delight yourself in them more than all the riches of the earth.


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