Three Sermons on the Fatherhood of God

Happy Father’s Day!

Other than following Christ and being the husband of my amazing wife, nothing in this life brings me more joy than being a father to my daughters.

All fatherhood should properly be in imitation of God our Father, so if you’d like to further meditate upon the fatherhood of God, here are three sermons for you to consider.

From The Apostles’ Creed, the first sermon discusses God the Father as the first Person of the Trinity and the almighty Creator of all things.

Jesus displayed to us an attribute of God that transcends even His designation as creator. Even though God first reveals Himself as the Creator, He became the Creator whenever He created. Therefore, if being the Creator is the primary aspect of His character, then God needed to create in order to be what He is. He needed us. But Jesus reveals that the central attribute of God is His fatherhood because He has eternally been the Father of the Son, Jesus. 

From The Lord’s Prayer, the second sermon describes the wonders of Jesus calling us to pray to God as our Father.

The fruit of our faith in Jesus Christ to rescue us from sin and reunite us to God begins with our prayer to God as our Father. We pray to the Father in the name of Christ by the power of the Spirit, knowing that He love for us is without end and always for our good.

From The Ten Commandments, the third sermon is upon the Fifth Commandment, which calls us to honor our father and mother.

Our honor is supremely given to this Father. Yet our honoring of Him must inevitably result in our honoring of our earthly father and mother and those around us. In the same way, these final six commandments are predicated upon the first four. We cannot properly love others without first properly loving God. Likewise, we cannot properly honor our father and mother without first properly honoring our Father in heaven. In all things, we begin with God, but the domino effect never stops with God. We seek His kingdom first, but the rest never ceases to be added as well.

Grace and peace!


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