Advent Devotional Pre-Order [Through Oct 31]

The season of Advent is an opportunity to immerse ourselves once again in the Story, to marvel anew at the sheer audacity of God’s plan, to be awestruck once more by the vast treasure of our redemption.

In this devotional, you will find two sets of readings, daily and weekly. Both readings attempt to trace the overall storyline of Scripture, but they do so from different angles. The daily readings focus largely upon Jesus as the Serpent-Crusher promised in Genesis 3:15, while the weekly readings present Him as the light of the world who overcomes the darkness of sin. Both themes are present throughout the whole of Scripture; therefore, both follow the same general structure. Week 1 is spent in the Torah, Week 2 in the Writings, Week 3 in the Prophets, Week 4 upon the advent of Christ, and Week 5 upon the hope of His second coming.

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