The Incarnate Son

Seed of woman, long foretold,Babe of heaven, come behold.Mighty God, in manger’s restShepherd King, both did bless.Son of laughter, sacrificed.Spotless Lamb, our ransom’s price.Lord of lords, confess Him now.Prince of peace, before Him bow.Life everlasting, proclaim to all!Jesus Christ, upon Him fall.


A Country Not Yet Visited

A ship that sails awayFrom sullen harbor gray,Through fluid crystal, swaysFor shores beyond malaise.  The unkempt grass that humsA hymn composed by wind,A tune of praise that drums For opened eyes, once blind.  The sun, which warms and burns All vanity below,Calls, too, beyond shadow Above the earth’s slight churns.

The King Has Come

The Creator became a creature. The Potter, a jar of clay. The Infinite, an infant. The Author entered His story. The King left His glory. The Light walked in darkness. Rejoice, for the King has come! Stand firm, for the King will come again! 

Kingdom Come

The King has come.Not to slay the traitor, the rebel,but to take their judgment,making them His kingdom The King is coming.Not to spare the wicked, the sinner,but to execute His justice,consummating His kingdom Come now, O King,to reign as my Lord, my Godand to send forth Your servant,bringing here Your kingdom

Blessings & Curses (a meditation on Deuteronomy 29)

A man stands on the street corner, proclaiming despite the murmur, "come and drink the living water that the Most Holy Potter blessedly offers to sinners bound for the slaughter!" His message is one of good news, of redemption if we so choose to forsake all else for the Savior's cause, but often i fear …

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a day

24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. the same for everyone no more, no less each a singular event never repeated a new sky with its nebulous arrangements, a new length and shade of grass, a fresh combination of temperature and humidity, a slightly different frame of mind, an shifted temperament, every cell a day older, …

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Psalm 121

Lift up mine eyes... How? They are so easily drawn     to the things near by. Created shapes and forms     scream and cry     for my attention,     for my affection. Zion is too distant     to be real, so I wrestle desperately     to maintain zeal   …

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Psalm 120

Oh Lord, deliver me from mouths that promise salvation. They offer balm for comforting, but in their heart lies deception. Exiled, I am stranded here a castaway, lost at sea. From Meshech far to Kedar near, my soul yearns for Your reprieve. Peaceable I ever am; their longing is only war. Rescue with Your mighty …

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