Genesis 37-50: The Providence of God

This is a series from 2017 that I have not yet edited and uploaded, but I am posting a past sermon each Friday.

Study Guides

Joseph Sold into Slavery | Genesis 37

Judah and Tamar | Genesis 38

Joseph and Potipher | Genesis 39

Joseph in Prison | Genesis 40

Joseph Before Pharaoh | Genesis 41

Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt | Genesis 42

Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt | Genesis 43

Joseph Tests His Brothers | Genesis 44

Joseph Reconciles With His Brothers | Genesis 45

The Journey to Egypt | Genesis 46:1-30

Dwelling in Egypt | Genesis 46:31-47:31

Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Sons | Genesis 48

Jacob Blesses His Sons | Genesis 49

The Providence of God | Genesis 50

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Further Readings

Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of the Book of Genesis by Allen P. Ross

Genesis: NIV Application Commentary by John H. Walton

Dr. Constable’s Notes on Genesis by Thomas Constable