Instead of creating the typical study guides for Advent, I have decided to write daily devotional readings for the five weeks of the sermon series. Below are the links to each reading.

You can also download a free ebook of all these devotionals here.

Why Advent? 

Devotional Study Guides

Introduction to Advent

Week 1 | The First Promise

The First Promise 

A Shattered Hope  

The Bringer of Rest 

A Blessing for All the Earth 

The Scepter of Judah 

God Intervenes & Delivers 

A Prophet Like Moses 

Week 2 | The Coming King

Introduction to Week 2

An Unexpected King 

The Eternal King 

A Repentant King 

A Wise King 

A Wayward King 

A Foolish King 

The Priestly King 

Week 3 | The Suffering Servant

Introduction of Week 3

The Promise of Immanuel 

Mighty God 

The Sacrificial King 

The Ruler From Bethlehem 

A New Heart 

The Son of Man 

One Last Promise 

Week 4 | God With Us

Introduction to Week 4

Jesus’ Genealogy 

Immanuel Is Born 

Wise Men Worship the King 

The Messenger From the Wilderness 

The Beloved Son 

The Kingdom of Heaven 

Are You the One? 

Week 5 | Our Blessed Hope

Introduction to Week 5

It Is Finished 

My Lord And My God 

The Ascension 

Jesus’ Continued Ministry 

Our Blessed Hope 

Death Shall Be No More 

Come, Lord Jesus! 

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Further Readings & Resources

Good New of Great Joy &  The Dawning of Indestructible Joy // John Piper

These are two devotional reading books that are available for purchase or free download at the links provided.

Seasons Guide // The Village Church

For 2017-2018, the Village Church has produced this wonderful weekly devotional and reading plan for Advent through Pentecost.

Advent, Vol. 2 // The Brilliance

Beautifully composed songs for the Advent season with deeply theological lyrics. Available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.

Advent Christmas EP, Vol. 1-3 // Future of Forestry

A 16 song collection of classics and originals for the holiday season. Available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.

Behold the Lamb of God // Andrew Peterson

Perfect for capturing the miraculous beauty of Christ’s coming into song. Available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.