Genesis 1-11: an Introduction to the Bible and Theology


A Brief Case for Theology (Introduction to Genesis 1-11)

Part One: Creation

In the Beginning, God (Genesis 1:1)

The Process of Creation (Genesis 1:2-25)

The Creation of Man (Genesis 1:26-2:3)

Alive in the Garden (Genesis 2:4-17)

The First Wedding (Genesis 2:18-25)

Part Two: The Fall

The First Adultery (Genesis 3:1-13)

Dead in Sin (Genesis 3:14-24)

The Slippery Slope of Sin (Genesis 4)

The Reign of Death (Genesis 5)

Part Three: The Flood

The Grief and Grace of God (Genesis 6)

The Wrath and Mercy of God (Genesis 7-8)

The Noahic Covenant (Genesis 9:1-17)

The Fall of Noah & the Table of Nations (Genesis 9:18-10:32)

Part Four: Babel

The Pride of Man (Genesis 11)

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