Heart to Heart

Background on Jonah

Author Anonymous, possibly Jonah himself. Though there is some debate that Ezra (or some other post-exilic author) scribed this account. The evidence is simply too scant to take a decisive position; therefore, all suggestions are the best estimations of scholars.             Theme God will have mercy and compassion on whomever He pleases. Background Jonah is …

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Sermon Series

Background on Haggai

Author The oracles of the book are explicitly said to be “the word of the LORD… by the hand of Haggai the prophet” (1:1). We know almost nothing about who Haggai was, yet as with all Scripture, God is the true author. Haggai, a prophet, was a faithful messenger in the hand of the LORD. …

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The Gospel Transforms...

Background on Colossians

Author The author of Colossians is blatantly stated to be Paul (1:1). Timothy likely served as the scribe while Paul dictated the content with exception to the final verse of the letter, which Paul wrote with his own hand. Many scholars have tried to argue that Paul did not author this letter; rather, someone (who …

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Biblical Wisdom

Background on Proverbs

Author Proverbs 1:1 presents Solomon as the primary author of the book, but there are other writers as well, such as Agur and Lemuel. Theme Proverbs aims to teach us biblical wisdom, which is the skill of understanding and navigating the broken, sin-filled world around us by conforming ourselves to God’s pattern for creation. Background …

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Good Works | Sound Doctrine

Background on Titus

Author Though some secular scholars have sought to argue against it, Paul is clearly identified as the author in the first verse of the letter. Still, they posit that Titus along with the letters to Timothy & Philemon are too stylistically different from Paul’s other epistles to be genuine; therefore, they suggest that someone else …

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