Background on Genesis

Author Since Genesis is the first book of the Pentateuch, or Torah, Jews and Christians throughout history have upheld Moses as the author. In recent years, many scholars have questioned the idea of one single author composing all of the first five books of the Bible; thus, the documentary hypothesis was born. Documentary hypothesists believe …

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Background on Exodus

Author As with the other books of the Torah or Pentateuch, Moses has traditionally been acknowledged as the author of Exodus. While there is no direct claim to Moses’ authorship within the book (though an indirect argument could be made from God’s commands for Moses to write down His law), Jesus validates Moses as the …

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The King Has Conquered

Background on the Gospel of Mark

Author Like the other Gospels, Mark is technically anonymous; however, as the title declares, tradition has long held John Mark to be the author. Theme Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. Background John Mark is first spoken of in Acts 13. When Paul set out on his first missionary journey with Barnabas, we …

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Background on Daniel

Author Identifying the author of the book of Daniel is bit tricky. Many parts of the second half are explicitly from the pen of Daniel, so Daniel was certainly an author to the book that bears his name. Chapter 4 is the written testimony of Nebuchadnezzar, so he is also partly an author of the …

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Background on Ephesians

I typically compile some snapshot background information at the beginning of whichever book I am studying, not the end. Yet between a prologue sermon and another spent entirely on the first two verses, I never made such a post for Paul's letter to the Ephesians, until now (better late than never, right?). Much of this …

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Background on Jude

Author Since first verse identifies the author as Jude, we must ask ourselves who Jude is. The name is a derivative of the Judas, which is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Judah. Unfortunately, Judas was a tremendously common name during the first century. In fact, two of Jesus’ twelve disciples were named Judas—Judas …

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Heart to Heart

Background on Jonah

Author Anonymous, possibly Jonah himself. Though there is some debate that Ezra (or some other post-exilic author) scribed this account. The evidence is simply too scant to take a decisive position; therefore, all suggestions are the best estimations of scholars.             Theme God will have mercy and compassion on whomever He pleases. Background Jonah is …

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Background on Haggai

Author The oracles of the book are explicitly said to be “the word of the LORD… by the hand of Haggai the prophet” (1:1). We know almost nothing about who Haggai was, yet as with all Scripture, God is the true author. Haggai, a prophet, was a faithful messenger in the hand of the LORD. …

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The Gospel Transforms...

Background on Colossians

Author The author of Colossians is blatantly stated to be Paul (1:1). Timothy likely served as the scribe while Paul dictated the content with exception to the final verse of the letter, which Paul wrote with his own hand. Many scholars have tried to argue that Paul did not author this letter; rather, someone (who …

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Biblical Wisdom

Background on Proverbs

Author Proverbs 1:1 presents Solomon as the primary author of the book, but there are other writers as well, such as Agur and Lemuel. Theme Proverbs aims to teach us biblical wisdom, which is the skill of understanding and navigating the broken, sin-filled world around us by conforming ourselves to God’s pattern for creation. Background …

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