Free Advent Ebook

The season of Advent begins December 2 this year, leading up to Christmas. 1

I love Advent because it helps us remember how long humanity waited for a Savior.

It emphasizes the glorious miracle of Jesus’ coming into the world that He created.

This ebook collects together the devotional thoughts that I posted during Advent in 2015, revised and edited.

I’ve hoped to provide a brief sweep through the entire Bible’s storyline, showing how the crucial the Advent of Christ is. Thus, the first devotion begins in Genesis 3, and the final one ends in Revelation 22.

Click here or on the book cover to download the ebook.


Free Ebook

odds and endsOne year ago today, I made my first post on this blog. I’m incredibly grateful for the grace of being able to write and the grace of others reading those writings.

For this first anniversary, I’ve decided to create a small ebook containing ten of my favorite posts from the past year, called Odds and Ends.

It’s free to download by clicking the title above or the cover image, and it is in pdf format.

Thanks for reading my scribbles. I hope you join me in the journey that will be year two as well.

The ten posts featured and their original links are listed below.

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