The Man of Faith

Abraham Sacrifices Isaac | Genesis 22

This sermon was originally preached in 2015. This chapter is certainly the greatest trial that Abraham ever faced. His twenty-five-year wait, his war against kings to rescue Lot, his walk of faith to Canaan were nothing compared to the difficulty of trusting the LORD in this task. However, by this, we learn that Abraham truly …

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Wrestling with God

Isaac Blesses Jacob | Genesis 27:1-28:9

SUGGESTED VERSES FOR MEMORIZATION & MEDITATION So he came near and kissed him. And Isaac smelled the smell of his garments and blessed him and said, “See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field that the LORD has blessed! May God give you of the dew of heaven and of …

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Wrestling with God

Isaac & Abimelech | Genesis 26

SUGGESTED VERSES FOR MEMORIZATION & MEDITATION And the LORD appeared to him and said, “Do not go down to Egypt; dwell in the land of which I shall tell you. Sojourn in this land, and I will be with you and will bless you, for to you and to your offspring I will give all …

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Wrestling with God

Jacob & Esau | Genesis 25

SUGGESTED VERSES FOR MEMORIZATION & MEDITATION After the death of Abraham, God blessed Isaac his son. And Isaac settled at Beer-lahai-roi. (Genesis 25:11) And Isaac prayed to the LORD for his wife, because she was barren. And the LORD granted his prayer, and Rebekah his wife conceived. (Genesis 25:21) And the LORD said to her, …

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Wrestling with God

Introduction to Genesis 25-36

Genesis is the book of beginnings. The first eleven chapters reveal how the world and humanity began and fell into sin, and chapters twelve through twenty-four displayed how God began to enact His plan of global redemption through the family of one man, Abraham. God pulled Abraham from his family, took him to a foreign …

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The Man of Faith

Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24)

Abraham Study Guide (Week 15) SUGGESTED VERSES FOR MEMORIZATION & MEDITATION The man bowed his head and worshiped the LORD and said, “Blessed be the LORD, the God of my master Abraham, who has not forsaken his steadfast love and his faithfulness toward my master. As for me, the LORD has led me in the …

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The Man of Faith

Abraham Sacrifices Isaac (Genesis 22)

Abraham Study Guide (Week 13) SUGGESTED VERSES FOR MEMORIZATION & MEDITATION Abraham said, “God will provide for himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” So they went both of them together. (Genesis 22:8) He said, “Do not lay your hand on the boy or do anything to him, for now I know that …

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The Man of Faith

Abraham’s Two Sons (Genesis 21)

Abraham Study Guide (Week 12) SUGGESTED VERSES FOR MEMORIZATION & MEDITATION The LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did to Sarah as he had promised. (Genesis 21:1) Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and …

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The Man of Faith

The Birth of Isaac

Presently, I am entrenched in the twelfth week of studying the story of Abraham in Genesis. Analyzing the life of the man of faith has been an incredibly fruitful journey, yet as I now approach chapter 21, one word reverberates through my head: finally! We are, at last, able to read about the birth of …

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