Kindness Is Everything

We come now to the conclusion of the Secular Creed, and after so many controversial issues permeating the five prior statements, Kindness Is Everything is fairly easy to overlook because of how pleasant and inarguable it sounds. In fact, in a Mashable article that describes the origin of this house-sign, they briefly describe the beginnings …

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Love Is Love

Thus far in our dissection of the Secular Creed, we have contrasted secularism’s views on ethnicity, feminism, immigration, and science with the biblical teaching on each. Yet we now come to what I would call the great orthodoxy (we, of course, call it heresy) of our day: the deification and redefining of love, which has …

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A Line in the Sand: Why Study the Secular Creed?

“It is my work as a Christian, but much more as I am a Watchman, to do my best to discover the fullness of Christ, the emptiness of the creature, and the snares of the great deceiver.”[1] As a Watchman (a pastor) myself, each Sunday I endeavor to do those three things, typically moving in …

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