The Wrath of God

Background on Nahum

Author Verse 1 blatantly identifies Nahum as the author. Only modern, anti-supernatural scholars argue for a post-exilic author, but this theory has no grounding outside of secularist biases. Theme God will bring judgment upon Nineveh (and the Assyrian Empire) because of the wickedness that they have committed. Background Nothing is known of Nahum outside of …

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God’s Daring Dozen Vol 1 | Book Review

The Scriptures clearly and repeatedly command parents to teach our children the discipline and instruction of the Lord. That is to teach them the Scriptures. And thankfully today there are a multitude of books and resources to help us do just that. So here you can find some of my favorites that I think that …

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Introduction to Nahum

Are you familiar with the book of Nahum? Forgive me for assuming, but I imagine not. The minor prophets are a rather neglected section of our Bible to begin with, but Nahum seems to be spectacularly unmemorable. I’ve read through God’s Word in its entirety multiple times, so I know that I’ve read Nahum. But …

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