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Thrust Out of Egypt | Exodus 12:29-42

Here at last, after all the prophesies and predictions given, we now have before us the account of two of the most significant events in both the book of Exodus as well as the Bible as a whole: the tenth plague and the exodus. Although it may seem strange that these things that have had …

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Judging the Gods | Exodus 12:12 and on all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments: I am the LORD. Exodus 12:12 ESV We have already observed that the plagues of Egypt often targeted specific Egyptian gods. The prelude sign of the staff turning into a serpent displayed God’s superiority of the power of Pharaoh, which Pharaoh sought to …

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Sermon Series

One Plague More | Exodus 11

Following the explosiveness of the first nine plagues, we come now to a very short chapter that serves as an interlude before the tenth and final plague is poured out upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt. Here Moses concludes his dialogue with Pharaoh for good, promising a great wail of death throughout Egypt to come. As …

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Sermon Series

Hail, Locust, Darkness | Exodus 9:13-10:29

After moving through the first two three-plague cycles, we come now to the final set of three: the plagues of hail, locust, and darkness. WHOEVER FEARED THE WORD OF THE LORD // VERSES 13-35 As we have seen, the LORD’s plagues against Pharaoh and the land of Egypt have been intensifying each time. First, God …

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Flies, Cattle, Boils | Exodus 8:20-9:12

Last week we began to study the ten great plagues that the LORD brought upon the land of Egypt in response to Pharaoh’s stubborn refusal to let God’s people go. We continue here with the second set of three plagues, and there is indeed textual evidence for viewing the first nine plagues as three sets …

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Sermon Series

Blood, Frogs, Gnats | Exodus 7:14-8:19

In our previous text, the LORD began His great confrontation with Pharaoh by sending Moses and Aaron into the king’s palace to perform a sign of the judgments that would follow. By using a serpent, God revealed that the symbol of power and sovereignty that Pharaoh displayed upon his crown belonged exclusively to the LORD. …

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