Sermon Series

Flies, Cattle, Boils | Exodus 8:20-9:12

Last week we began to study the ten great plagues that the LORD brought upon the land of Egypt in response to Pharaoh’s stubborn refusal to let God’s people go. We continue here with the second set of three plagues, and there is indeed textual evidence for viewing the first nine plagues as three sets …

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Sermon Series

Blood, Frogs, Gnats | Exodus 7:14-8:19

In our previous text, the LORD began His great confrontation with Pharaoh by sending Moses and Aaron into the king’s palace to perform a sign of the judgments that would follow. By using a serpent, God revealed that the symbol of power and sovereignty that Pharaoh displayed upon his crown belonged exclusively to the LORD. …

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Sermon Series

I Am the LORD | Exodus 6:1-9

Chapter 5 began with the long-awaited meeting of Moses and Pharaoh; however, the splendid sparks that the exodus story is so known for scarcely flew. Rather than beginning Egypt’s ruin by the hand of God, the brief encounter ended with the king of Egypt tightening his tyrannical grip upon the Hebrews even further by forcing …

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