The Pilgrim’s Progress | Study Guide

As a part of the Reading Together series, we will soon read through The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. Below you can find posts for Part I below, and our walk through Part II will begin in September.

Happy reading!

Reading Plan

Introduction to John Bunyan and the book

Fleeing the City of Destruction (pp. 1-21)

Interpreter’s House (pp. 21-36)

Deliverance, Difficulty, & House Beautiful (pp. 36-59)

Humiliation, Apollyon, and the Shadow of Death (pp. 59-73)

Faithful & Talkative (pp. 74-96)

Vanity Fair (pp. 96-112)

By-ends & Demas (pp. 112-126)

Doubting Castle & Giant Despair (pp. 126-143)

Little-Faith, Flatterer, & Atheist (pp. 143-173)

The Enchanted Ground, Hopeful’s Conversion, & Ignorance (pp. 143-173)

The River Death & the Celestial City (pp. 173-190)

Christiana, the City of Destruction, & Mrs. Timorous (pp. 203-216)

Mercy & the Wicket-Gate (pp. 216-227)

Lessons at Interpreter’s House (pp. 227-247)

Journey to House Beautiful (pp. 247-258)

Catechisms at Beautiful (pp. 258-280)

The Valleys of Humiliation & the Shadow of Death (pp. 280-293)

Honest, Fearing, & Gaius (pp. 293-315)

Feeble-mind & a Monster (pp. 315-335)

Despair & the Shepherds (pp. 335-347)

Valiant-for-truth, Enchanted Ground, & Death (pp. 348-376)