Introduction to Advent

Advent is the coming or arrival of an important person, and there is no better word for describing what the Christmas season should mean to Christians. We know, of course, that Jesus was not likely born on December 25; however, Christmas is our set time for celebrating and remembering the miraculous birth of Christ.

As I hope to show in this sermon series, the arrival of Christ is the most spectacular moment in all of history because in the incarnation, God displayed His faithfulness to fulfill all of His promises within the Old Testament.

Advent is fixated upon hope, specifically the hope that God will be faithful to repair the devastating effects of sin upon the world as He promised to do.

In the first week of readings, we will read God’s first promise of humanity’s coming Savior, the serpent-crushing offspring of woman. Then we will see how the early generations held onto the hope of God’s promise and how God would further reveal the nature of the promised Savior.

Let us, therefore, commence our study of the long-awaited coming of Jesus Christ.

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