Implications Abound: a collection of curiously Christian comics


You might expect a hypothetical smoothie to be terrible if it combined the following ingredients: comedy, doctrinal and Scriptural teaching, societal insights, and cartoon drawings.

But Adam4d combines them wonderfully.


In light of his new book, which I have yet to read, I’ve decided to recommend Adam’s first book, Implications Abound. It is a short book, collecting some comics from his website, while also adding some exclusive ones.

Each comic varies in length and scope. Some are as short as a single page, and others span several. Some comics are a light-hearted affair, and others offer deep, poignant insights.

Notable quotations

Instead of providing a list of notable quotations, I’ll link to a few of Adam’s comics found within the book.

Get to Know Your Bible Translations

Why the prosperity gospel did not exist in the early church

I can do all things…

Who should read it?

Anyone who enjoys humorous, yet serious, reflections should check out Implications Abound.

Obviously, he writes from and for a Christian perspective, but the comics’ fast-paced and humorous style gives non-Christians an entertaining snapshot into the Christian worldview as well.

Why should I read it?

Adam4d is a gifted thinker and artist. His comics provide an overview on topics and issues that some writers might struggle to explain over the course of an entire essay. That’s not to say that this style of writing should usurp the power of the plain written word, but in an increasingly visual-oriented world, I am thankful for godly men like him rising up to speak the Truth within visual mediums such as this.

Simply put, read his books and follow his website. You won’t regret it.

Just in case you need a little more incentive for purchasing the book, my favorite comic “Don’t Waste Your Internet” is a book exclusive.


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