Aug 21-27, 2016

Here is a roundup of online articles that I found helpful this week.

As for Me and My Household…

I stumbled upon these guys at Reformed Outlook (and their podcast), and I’m glad I did. This article discusses the difficulties and joys of shepherding your children. Since my wife and I desire (but currently don’t have) children, it was a particular blessing to read.

Pastoral Ministry Does Not Have to Be Sedentary 

Considering last week I wrote a post about my confession of gluttony, this article certainly affirms much of my thinking. Especially as leaders of the church, pastors are called to be self-controlled and disciplined, which includes our bodies.

Batman, Realism and a couple of Fight Club references

Begin with a discourse on the Dark Knight films, and end with a declaration that God cannot fit inside the mental boxes we create… How could that not be worth a few minutes to read?

Does Your Pastor Love You?

“How can you tell how much a pastor loves Christ and his people? It is by his preaching. Doctrinal preaching feeds and protects the sheep.”

A.P.T.A.T.: Practical Steps to Walk by Faith

This is actually a couple of weeks old, but I just watched the video this week.


The guys at The Bible Project consistently crank out outstanding content, but due to my love for Ecclesiastes, this one just swept me away. But don’t forget to watch their Proverbs video first, if you haven’t already.

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