Oct. 7, 2016 (Reader’s Bible, Internet Usage, & Sabotaging Sermons)

Below are a few items from the past week worth reading.

ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set

I love the concept of a Bible designed entirely for reading. The Westminster Bookstore also has a sale on this set throughout October.

An Apology to Christian Millennials

I am sorry that we made the church to be all about you growing up. We were always looking for ways to make it more fun and fabulous, and “You” were the mantra of the church: “How YOU can be a winner in life;” “Ways YOU can make a difference in the world.” I think we thought that if we made it cool for YOU, YOU would want to stay. We heard the statistics about how you were “going to leave” the church when you got out of high school and we didn’t want that to happen. That’s when we over compensated. I am sorry we lied to you! The church is not about YOU, it is all about GOD!

Every Click Counts: what you should know about the Internet

The private use of the Internet is a mirage — a satanic illusion to deceive you into thinking what you do online really doesn’t matter. But there is no such thing as truly private use of the Internet. Every click has a public dimension. And every click shows and shapes. It’s not only a current expression of your heart, but also has an effect on who you will be moving forward.

How I Learned to Separate Meat from Bone in the Charismatic Tradition

While some aspects of the charismatic movement are commendable, there are also glaring concerns. When I was unable to find a church home during college, my father told me sometimes picking the right church is like eating deep fried catfish. You eat the meat and spit out the bones. And there is both meat and bones in contemporary charismatic circles.

How to Sabotage Your Pastor’s Sermons

Sitting under the Word of God preached is a spiritual practice. God is dealing with our hearts through the Word. James is advocating that we actually go to work on our own hearts before the sermon (or any other time in the Word). To neglect the indwelling sin is to neglect the priority of sanctification. If you want to sabotage the sermon then you simply need to come with a neglected heart, overgrown with the weeds of sin. If you don’t want to actually change, then simply do nothing but show up.


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