Let’s Read Heaven Taken by Storm Together

With only three weeks left of studying the Attributes of God, I am taking a one week break to introduce a new series, Reading Together.

To coincide with moving into the third section of Ephesians: Kingdom War, several members of my church and I will be reading through Thomas Watson’s book Heaven Taken by Storm. But the book’s other title reveals its relevance to the subject of spiritual warfare, The Christian Soldier.

Below is a brief introduction, which gives a snapshot look at Puritans and Thomas Watson, and the reading plan that we will be following. Although only audio is available for this week, I plan to have both video and audio of my thoughts on the readings for the ones that follow.

Happy reading!

Reading Plan

Because of the short nature of the book, most readings are only around ten pages.

Sept 20-26 // Chapter 1

Sept 27-Oct 3 // Chapters 2-3

Oct 4-10 // Chapter 4-5

Oct 11-17 // Chapter 6

Oct 18-24 // Chapter 7

Oct 25-31 // Chapters 8-9

Nov 1-7 // Chapters 10-11

Nov 8-14 // Chapter 12

Nov 15-21 // Chapter 13

Nov 22-28 // Chapter 14

Nov 29-Dec 5 // Chapter 15

Dec 6-12 // Chapter 16

Dec 13-19 // Chapter 17

Dec 20-27 // Chapters 18-19

One thought on “Let’s Read Heaven Taken by Storm Together

  1. George & Dixie Higginbotham

    Can’t wait to join you on this adventure. We look forward to getting to know Thomas Watson another one of Christ’s gifts to the church (Ephesians 4:11).

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