Hearing the Word & Prayer | Chapters 4-5

We are continuing to read through Heaven Taken by Storm together.

You can find our reading plan and links to previous posts here.

Chapter Four Outline

  • The great devotion required to properly hear the Word.
  • A description of those who don’t hear the Word diligently.
    • They scarcely mind what is said.
    • They hear in a dull, drowsy manner.
  • Considerations for stirring ourselves up to hear with devotion.
    • It is God that speaks.
    • The weightiness of matters delivered to us.
    • If the Word is no regarded, it will not be remembered.
    • It may be the last time we hear God speak.

Chapter Five Outline

  • Violence carries our prayer.
  • We must stir up the heart to prayer
  • We must stir up the heart in prayer.
    • A description of those who don’t pray with violence.
      • They give a dead, heartless prayer.
      • They give a distracted prayer.
    • Considerations for fueling fervency in prayer.
      • Consider the majesty of God.
      • Prayer without fervency is speaking, not praying.
      • Zealous and violent affections best suits God’s nature.
      • Consider the need we have of those things which we ask in prayer.
      • Consider the things which we ask and God has a mind to grant.
      • Mercy is bestowed through prayer.
      • Only violence and intenseness of spirit has the promise of mercy attached.
      • Consider the large returns that God has given to violent prayer.
        • To give this violence we must be a people of grace.
      • Pray with a sense of our needs.
      • Let us beg for a violent wind.

Questions for Reflection

  • What does Watson mean by hearing the Word?
  • Do you attend to the hearing of the Word with the devotion that he describes?
  • Are your prayers marked by holy violence?
  • Which of Watson’s points to consider most stirs up your heart to and in prayer?

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