Heaven Taken by Storm | Reading Together

In 2020, to coincide with the third section of Ephesians: Kingdom War, several members of my church and I read through Thomas Watson’s book, Heaven Taken by Storm. The book’s other title reveals its relevance to the subject of spiritual warfare, The Christian Soldier.

Below are the links to each post as we worked our way through the book.

Happy reading!

Reading Plan

Because of the short nature of the book, most readings are only around ten pages.

Introduction to Thomas Watson & the Puritans

 Chapter 1 (Taking Heaven by Violence)

Chapters 2-3 (Self-Violence & Reading the Word)

Chapter 4-5 (Hearing the Word & Prayer)

Chapter 6 (Meditation)

Chapter 7 (Self-Examination)

Chapters 8-9 (The Lord’s Day & Holy Conversation)

Chapters 10-11 (Satan & the World)

Chapter 12 (Heaven)

Chapter 13 (Arrows of Reproof)

Chapter 14 (Examining Our Violence)

Chapter 15 (Objections)

Chapter 16 (Motives)

Chapter 17 (Hindrances)

Chapters 18-19 (Directions & Conclusion)

BONUS // Watson’s final sermon, Parting Counsels, during the Great Ejection.