Motives for Offering Violence | Chapter 16

We are continuing to read through Heaven Taken by Storm together.

You can find our reading plan and links to previous posts here.

Chapter Sixteen Outline

  • 27 Motives for Offering violence
    • Consider our deplorable condition
    • It is possible to arrive at happiness
    • Violence for heaven is our grand business
    • Consider how violent the wicked are for sin
    • Holy violence is mingled with delight
    • It puts a luster upon a Christian
    • Consider how violent Christ was for our salvation
    • Holy violence brings rest
    • God will help us
    • It prevents much sin
    • Consider the folly of violence for heaven
      • Earthly things are uncertain
      • Earthly things are unsatisfactory
      • Earthly things are transient
    • The violence is for a kingdom
      • Its great immunities
        • There is freedom from sin
        • There is freedom from Satan
        • There is freedom from divisions
        • There is freedom from afflictions
      • Its great excellencies
        • It abounds in riches
        • Its delights are unmixed
        • It is durable
    • Great violence makes heaven sweeter
    • More violence means greater glory
    • God has promised mercy
      • Ask
      • Seek
      • Knock
    • Holy violence will not hinder secular employments
    • Time is short
    • A man’s personal day of grace may be short
    • There is no help after death for those who neglect offering violence
    • You will be left without defense if your neglect this violence
    • It will be a vexation to lose the kingdom for lack of violence
    • Consider the examples of saints of old
    • If violent saints wrestle for heaven, how can the non-violent obtain it?
    • Sweating for heaven does not last long
    • If you are not violent for heaven, you are contrary to your own prayers
    • Holy violence would make Christians willing to die
    • If you still remain non-violent, a time is coming when you will regret failing to do so
  • One last caution

Questions for Reflection

  • Which of Watson’s motives most resonated with you? Why?
  • What are some motives that stir up your zeal for heaven that Watson may not have mentioned?
  • Would you say that reading Heaven Taken by Storm has motivated you to be more violent for the kingdom?

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