Examining Ourselves | Chapter 14

We are continuing to read through Heaven Taken by Storm together.

You can find our reading plan and links to previous posts here.

Note: Because this chapter is predominately a series of questions for self-reflection and self-examination, I will not be providing questions of my own. Instead, below is the chapter outline with the list of the eleven categories of questions that Watson presents to us.

Chapter Fourteen Outline

  • A Call to Examine Ourselves
  • Questions for Self-examination
    • Do we wrestle with our hearts to conform them to holiness?
    • Do we set aside time to examine ourselves?
    • Do we use violence in prayer?
    • Do we thirst for the living God?
    • Are we skilled in self-denial?
    • Are we lovers of God?
    • Do we keep spiritual watch?
    • Are we going further in holiness?
    • Do we have a holy emulation (or a holy jealousy)?
    • Have we risen above the world?
    • Do we place ourselves always under God’s eye?
  • Conclusion

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