Satan & the World | Chapters 10-11

We are continuing to read through Heaven Taken by Storm together.

You can find our reading plan and links to previous posts here.

Chapter Ten Outline

  • Satan’s Opposition
    • His violence
    • His treachery
      • In suiting his temptations to the temper of the individual.
      • Drawing men to evil, under a pretense of good.
      • He tempts to sin gradually.
      • He tempts to evil in lawful things.
      • He puts men upon doing good out of evil.
      • He persuades men to evil, by such as are good.
  • How to offer violence against Satan
    • By faith
      • Faith does not yield.
      • Faith beats back temptation.
    • By prayer

Chapter Eleven Outline

  • The danger of the world
  • Why we must offer violence to the world.
    • It is deceitful.
    • It is polluting.
    • It is perishing.

Questions for Reflection

  • It seems that Christians often either ignore Satan completely or blame him for everything. Do you tend to fall onto one side or the other?
  • Which of Satan’s treacheries that Watson listed resonated most with you? What are some other treacheries of Satan that you can think of?
  • In what have faith and prayer helped you fight back the temptation to sin?
  • What is the danger of worldliness? Why is it important that we are not of this world?

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