Heaven | Chapter 12

We are continuing to read through Heaven Taken by Storm together.

You can find our reading plan and links to previous posts here.

Chapter Twelve Outline

  • Metaphors for Heavenly Violence
    • Striving
    • Wrestling
    • Running
    • Fighting
  • Reasons for Offering Violence
    • God’s command
    • God’s decree
    • It is difficult
    • Violent assaults are made against us
      • from our hearts
      • from the powers of hell
    • This violence is of the highest importance
      • We save our soul
      • We gain a kingdom
      • We can never slack in this duty
  • The Difficulty of Getting Heaven
  • Offer Violence Through:
    • Prayer
    • Hearing the Word
  • The Danger of Moderation

Questions for Reflection

  • Which of the metaphors for offering violence most resonates with you? Why?
  • Which of Watson’s reasons for offering violence’s you find most compelling? Why?
  • What is the danger of moderation?
  • How has Watson challenged you overall to offer violence?

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