Arrows of Reproof | Chapter 13

We are continuing to read through Heaven Taken by Storm together.

You can find our reading plan and links to previous posts here.

Chapter Thirteen Outline

  • It reproves the slothful.
  • It reproves the formalist.
    • Formalism keeps up men’s credit with the world.
    • Formalism stops the mouth of the conscience.
  • It reproves the violent in the bad sense.
    • In opposing good.
      • They offer violence against the Holy Spirit.
      • They offer violence against their conscience.
      • They offer violence to God’s image.
    • In pursuing evil.
      • They are violent in their opinions.
      • They are violent in their passions.
      • They are violent in their lusts.
        • Drunken lusts
        • Impure lusts
        • Oppressive lusts
        • Covetous lusts
  • It reproves those who have partly left their holy strictness and violence.
    • They grow lethargic and consumptive.
    • Consider seriously:
      • The less violence for heaven, the less peace you will have.
      • You who grow more dead in God’s service, and leave your first love—give great advantage to Satan.
      • Your remissness in piety, though it may not damn you—it will damage you.
      • The more lazy a Christian’s desires are, the more lively his corruptions.
    • Why men throw off holy violence:
      • They never had a principle of spiritual life.
      • They never did duties of piety with delight.
      • They were unbelieving.
      • They love something more than piety.
      • They leave holiness out of cowardice.
      • They leave holiness for lack of patience.
      • God leaves them to themselves out of judgment.
    • The apostate’s purchase:
      • They proclaim their folly.
      • Their end is bitterness.
  • It reproves those who put off violence for the kingdom until old age.
  • It reproves those who deride holy violence.
  • It reproves those who keep heaven away by force.
    • They are ignorant.
    • They are profane.

Questions for Reflection

  • Which category of reproof resonated most with you?
  • Did Watson accurately describe any reasons why you are (or have in the past) neglected offering holy violence?
  • What will your repentance in response to these reproofs look like?

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