The Lord’s Day & Holy Conversation | Chapters 8-9

We are continuing to read through Heaven Taken by Storm together.

You can find our reading plan and links to previous posts here.

Chapter Eight Outline

  • Explaining the Lord’s Day
    • We have great reason for sanctifying the Lord’s Day.
  • We must sanctify the Lord’s Day
    • We must rest from all works of our calling.
    • We must lift up our hearts in thankfulness to God.
    • We must prepare our ourselves.
    • We must labor to be bettered by each Sabbath.
    • We must dedicate the whole day to God.
    • God doubles His blessings on this day.
    • We must rejoice in the Lord’s Day.
  • A word to the magistrates

Chapter Nine Outline

  • The importance of holy conversation
  • Some considerations
    • Discourse demonstrates what the heart is.
    • Holy conversation is very edifying.
    • Gracious discourse makes us resemble Christ.
    • God takes special notice of every good word we speak when we meet.
    • Holy discourse will be a means to bring Christ into our company.

Questions for Reflection

  • In what ways has the Lord’s Day replaced the Sabbath for Christians, and why is that so important?
  • In what ways do you sanctify the Lord’s Day?
  • Why does Watson place such an importance upon conversation?
  • Are your conversations holy in the way that Watson describes? Why or why not?

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