Wearing the Belt of Truth | Iain Duguid

Iain Duguid’s short book, The Whole Armor of God, has been a wonderful read. While studying over the belt of truth, I included one quotation from his chapter on the same subject, but here are a few others that are equally worth sharing.

In Ephesians 4:21, Paul contrasts Christianity to the pagan approach to life that the Ephesians had previously followed, saying, “You were taught in him [that is, in Jesus] as the truth is in Jesus.” Here Paul is not contrasting the truth that is in Jesus with the truth that is in Confucius or the truth that is in Islam. No, Paul is contrasting the truth that is in Jesus as opposed to the darkened understanding that is the universal trademark of the non-Christian way of life.

p. 27

The devil wants to persuade you to believe a lie. As a result, he will go to extraordinary lengths to limit your contact with God’s Word, which is the truth.

p. 29

The Bible gives us truth with which we can answer the devil and thus stand firm against his schemes. But like a belt, in order for that truth to do us any good, we have to bind it around us afresh every day. Our hearts are leaky containers, constantly losing our hold on the truth. Day by day, we need to refill our mind with a fresh measure of God’s truth, revealed in the Scriptures, so that we will be equipped to stand against Satan’s lies.

p. 30

Foundational truth, belted around our waists, enables us to stand against Satan, even as it points us away from ourselves to Jesus Christ as the only one who can make us stand.

p. 35

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