Quotes from Heaven Taken by Storm

Hopefully over the course of reading Heaven Taken by Storm together, you have witnessed firsthand the potency of Thomas Watson’s writing. With so many stirring single-sentence quotations scattered throughout the book, putting together a post collecting some my favorites seemed an appropriate conclusion to our reading of the book.

Truth may be opposed but never deposed.

P. 5

The pampering of the flesh is the quenching of God’s Spirit.

P. 9

Jesus Christ went more willingly to the cross than we do to the throne of grace.

P. 11

They who fly from the Word as a guide shall be forced to submit to it as a judge.

P. 15

When we come to the Word, we should think within ourselves— we are to hear God in this preacher.

P. 17

Lifeless prayer is no more prayer than the picture of a man is a man.

P. 20

We go to God for pardon of sin, and no work is more pleasing to Him than to seal pardons.

P. 21

None are further from having the true pearl than they who content themselves with the counterfeit.

P. 25

Death does not destroy grace but transplants it and makes it grow in better soil.

P. 26

The reason our affections are so cold to heavenly things is because we do not warm them at the fire of holy meditation.

P. 28

The rule by which a Christian must try himself is the Word of God.

P. 30

The heart is the greatest imposter; it will be ready to put off with seeming grace rather than saving.

P. 32

Little does a man know what atheism, pride, and uncleanness is in his heart until he searches.

P. 33

It cost more to redeem us than to make us.

P. 35

A good life adorns religion; good discourse propagates it.

P. 39

It is hard to climb up the hill of God with two many golden weights.

P. 43

The world never kisses us except with an intent to betray us.

P. 43

I acknowledge true repentance is never too late, but when a man can hardly move his hand or lift up his eyes, it is a very unfit time to begin the race from earth to heaven.

P. 45-46

The promises are made to encourage faith, not to cherish sloth.

P. 49

Oh, what folly it is to drink a sea of wrath for a drop of pleasure!

P. 55

They who are violent for the world— what have they but the wind?

P. 55

Carnal fear makes him appear less than it is, but danger greater.

P. 59

A good Christian is a wonder; he is the most contented yet the least satisfied.

P. 64

Though the business of religion at first seems hard, yet once we are entered into it, it is pleasant.

P. 66

The tears of a saint (says Bernard) have more true joy in them than all worldly delights.

P. 68

We did not come here only to eat and drink and wear fine clothes, but the end of our living is to be violent for the kingdom of glory.

P. 72

Christ was violent in dying to teach us to be violent in believing.

P. 74

The soldiers spear pierced Christ side, but the divisions of saints pierce his heart.

P. 76

If your trade be such that you cannot allow yourselves time for your souls, then your trade is unlawful.

P. 80

Though the sinner shall drink a sea of wrath, yet shall he not drink one drop of injustice.

P. 83

Christians, you have but a little Way to go, a little more violence, a few more tears to shed, a few more sabbaths to keep, and then your hopes shall be crowned with the beatifical sight of God.

P. 85

When we have done all, look up to Christ and free grace.

P. 86

Unbelief does the devil the greatest kindness; it makes way for his temptations to enter, which do so enchant and bewitch that we cannot work.

P. 88-89

Many will leave all their sins but one; save one sin and lose one soul.

P. 91

Be serious, but cheerful.

P. 91

A man will be violent for nothing but what he loves.

P. 96

Seeing there are so many violent winds of temptation blowing us backward, we must have the violent wind of God’s Spirit blowing us forward to heaven.

P. 98

He who has made you violent will make you victorious.

P. 100

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