Antichrist Goes Woke: Why You Should Watch “What Is a Woman?”

If you haven’t heard already, on Wednesday the Daily Wire released a new documentary called What Is a Woman? The film stars Matt Walsh as he goes on quest through the murky waters of the transgender ideology to discover if anyone is able to answer the titular question. As any who have listened to Walsh’s podcast might already assume, his deadpan and stoic reactions and tone are essential to why this film works so well. While the documentary does feature voices of sanity in answer to the woke idealogues, the overall goal of the film is simply to display how this belief system begins to unravel under the slightest skepticism and the most basic of questions.

My largest takeaway was regarding the sheer insidiousness of this ideology. It has certainly helped to cement my belief that the present religion of wokeism is yet another manifestation of the spirit of antichrist. In Daniel’s visions of the little horn, which I believe to be the spirit of antichrist, it is described as “speaking great things” (7:8) and speaking “words against the Most High” wearing “out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change the times and the law” (7:25).

Is that not a description of what is being celebrated during Pride Month?

Is not all of this around us nothing more than Babel-sized fist being shaken at the heavens?

The essential message is: “We have no Creator. We are both animals and gods. And we will do whatever we want with our bodies; biology be damned!”

How is this not the throwing of “truth to the ground” (8:12)?

Indeed, should you watch the film, you will notice just how uncomfortable the very notion of truth makes this worldview’s proponents.

While this is not a Christian film and the content discussed and occasional language mean that you should not watch it with your children present, I believe it is an important film for Christians to watch, consider, and then petition the Father on behalf of our society. We ought to lament in sackcloth and ashes that such a film would be necessary at all, but tragically it is indeed necessary. What Is a Woman? sheds light on the demonic beast that has been growing, largely undisturbed, under our beds.

Watch, and pray.

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