Should Christians Boycott Woke Companies? Several weeks ago, Budweiser infamously made a brief sponsorship with Dylan Mulvaney, who has become one of the most prominent spokesmen for transgenderism as of late. The response from Budweiser's customer base has been swift and decisive. With multiple beers to choose from in any given store, people have largely decided to abandon the …

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Loving Those That the Woke Leaves Broke I have said once or twice that the Woke and LGBT ideology is a present manifestation of the spirit of the antichrist. And I double down on that belief, for time has only continued to unveil its beastliness. Yet while the culture war continues to rage, I would like to very briefly ask my …

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Antichrist Goes Woke: Why You Should Watch “What Is a Woman?”

If you haven't heard already, on Wednesday the Daily Wire released a new documentary called What Is a Woman? The film stars Matt Walsh as he goes on quest through the murky waters of the transgender ideology to discover if anyone is able to answer the titular question. As any who have listened to Walsh's …

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a secular virtue

Pride in Proverbs Thanks to our planet completing another revolution around the sun by the upholding of Christ our Lord, June has come again. While summer officially begins later in the month, here in Oklahoma the heat has already arrived, and already even the cool breeze of spring is giving way to the summer warmth. Recently, however, …

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a secular virtue

Humility, Anxiety, & the Devil | 1 Peter 5:5

In our study of what the Bible has to say about pride and humility (presented quite purposely on “pride month"), we arrive at the third of three interrelated texts. Proverbs 3:34, of course, is the core since it is cited by both James and Peter, and it defined the sharp dichotomy between the proud and …

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a secular virtue

What Causes Quarrels & Fights? | James 4:6

If our present day were personified into a single person, he would be excommunicated from the church for being quarrelsome and divisive. To be fair, while I know enough history to know that I’m not a historian, I also know enough history to know that the Preacher was right when he wrote 3000 years ago: …

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a secular virtue

To the Scorners | Proverbs 3:34

We begin our three-part study of pride and humility in Proverbs 3. As I noted last week, at the core of our three passages is the same verse that originates here in Proverbs 3:34 and is then cited by both James and Peter in the New Testament. Of course, this verse looks a bit different …

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a secular virtue

On Pride & Humility

Pride should not be celebrated. Shocking, I know. Although I am purposely choosing to study pride and its opposing virtue, humility, during what has been dubbed “pride month,” my aim is not to launch a polemic assault on the LGBT movement. Of course, no one should be surprised to find those who gladly rebel against …

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Love Is Love

Thus far in our dissection of the Secular Creed, we have contrasted secularism’s views on ethnicity, feminism, immigration, and science with the biblical teaching on each. Yet we now come to what I would call the great orthodoxy (we, of course, call it heresy) of our day: the deification and redefining of love, which has …

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