Preorder My Advent Devotional & Help Fund Our Adoption

October means that the season of Advent is just around the corner! As a way to fundraise for our adoption process from my wife’s home country of Colombia, we are selling an Advent devotional written by me and designed by Tiff.

If you would like to purchase one or more books, please fill out the form at

Books are $11 and will be shipped mid-November. We are also offering a digital copy for $5 that will be emailed early November.

The book pre-sale will end Oct 31st.

Below is an excerpt from the introduction:

The season of Advent is an opportunity to immerse ourselves once again in the Story, to marvel anew at the sheer audacity of God’s plan, to be awestruck once more by the vast treasure of our redemption.

Advent traditionally begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, so I would suggest beginning your readings then. This book will, however, last for an additional Sunday because Advent is also a perfect time to refresh our anticipation for Christ’s return, the second advent. The decisive battle was won on the cross, but the war has yet to conclude. Like the Old Testament saints, we await still our coming King.

You will also find two sets of readings, daily and weekly. You may read both together, choose whichever seems more appealing, or read the daily portions for Advent and the weekly for the opening weeks of the New Year.

Both readings attempt to trace the overall storyline of Scripture, but they do so from different angles. The daily readings focus largely upon Jesus as the Serpent-Crusher promised in Genesis 3:15, while the weekly readings present Him as the light of the world who overcomes the darkness of sin. Both themes are present throughout the whole of Scripture; therefore, both follow the same general structure. Week 1 is spent in the Torah, Week 2 in the Writings, Week 3 in the Prophets, Week 4 upon the advent of Christ, and Week 5 upon the hope of His second coming.

My prayer is that the LORD may draw you into a deepened sense of wonder over Christ’s incarnation and gospel this Advent, and that you may long for Christ’s return with the same confident anticipation as those who eagerly awaited His first coming.


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