Biblical Leadership

Below are the collected articles written while studying through Biblical Leadership.


Why a Plurality of Elders?

Elders’ Responsibilities

  • Three Commands
  • Two Tasks

Elders’ Qualifications

  • Be Male
  • Aspire to the Office
  • Have Godly Character
  • Be Able to Teach
  • Shepherd His Family
  • Be a Mature Believer
  • Be Respected by Non-Christians
  • The Reward of Being an Elder

Deacons’ Responsibilities

  • Common, Historic, But Unbiblical Beliefs
  • Choosing the First Deacons
  • The Biblical Portrait
  • The Fruit of Biblical Polity

Deacon’s Qualifications

  • Of Good Repute
  • Be Full of the Spirit & of Wisdom
  • Have Godly Character
  • Be Firm in the Faith
  • Be Tested & Blameless
  • Be a Family Shepherd
  • Deaconesses?
  • The Reward of Being a Deacon

Members’ Responsibilities

  • Doctrinal Fact-Checking
  • The Work of the Ministry
  • Collective Authority

Members’ Qualifications

  • Be In Christ
  • The Reward of Being a Member

Further Resources

Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus by David Platt, Daniel Akin, and Tony Merida

Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons by Thabiti Anyabwile

The New Testament Deacon by Alexander Strauch

Church Elders by Jeramie Rinne

Elders in the Life of the Church by Phil Newton

Sojourners and Strangers by Gregg Allison