R. Kent Hughes on Media Consumption

Recently, the men of our church have begun to read R. Kent Hughes’ The Disciplines of a Godly Man. Nearly halfway through, it is already a book that I cannot recommend highly enough. The following quotation comes from his chapter on the discipline of the mind. I am aware of the wise warnings against using …

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Should You Watch The Chosen?

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2T8jZlubOW8wz7ho7wbVqC?si=lnR5qcr-SSOl9LwePYL1DA The Chosen, a crowd-funded series depicting the ministry of Jesus, particularly by focusing upon the twelve disciples, has been a smashing success. Given its success and that I am a pastor, the question "What do you think about The Chosen?" is common one. While I have intended to share some of my thoughts for …

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A Dialogue

God: I gave you my very Word. Why did you not meditate on it day and night (Psalm 1:2)? Man: I definitely would have, but you see, I was far too busy. God: Yet you most days watched multiple hours of television. You gave 9 years of your life to it. Man: Perhaps, but that …

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